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About Luc...

On drums/percussion, vocals, ambient/incidental music composition, and Chapman Stick, as a drum set teacher, and beyond, musician Luc Bergeron will bring his skill, preparation, experience, and ears to your live or studio project.  He's available in person, or he can work remotely out of his studio.

Bio ...

With a career now in its fifth decade, Luc Bergeron has nearly done it all.  He has played Rock, small and big group Jazz, Classic R&B/Soul, Fusion, Funk, Folk, Reggae/World Music, Top-40, Heavy Rock, Classic and Contemporary Country, Blues, Electronic, Theater, and Cinematic/Soundtrack music.

Self-taught at first on drums by listening and playing along with recordings, he then studied under Maine greats Dick Demers and Steve Grover, and attended the University of Maine (Augusta) in the Jazz and Contemporary music program.  During the past few years, he has also started to play the Chapman Stick, and has taken lessons from renowned Stick maestro Greg Howard.  In the past couple of years, more hand percussion has been added to his bag of tricks.

His gig experiences have ranged from original Rock and Adult Contemporary settings (like Symmetry in the 80’s and currently with singer/songwriters Jim Goss and Dan Harris) to the Classic R&B covers in the Pat Pepin Project and the Reggae/Caribbean/World stylings of Papa Loves Mambo in the early 90’s, to fusion with UMA faculty guitarist Scott Hughes, acoustic trio Jazz with Rob Spaulding, and function gigs during a lengthy tenure in the Bob Charest Band. For a time Luc joined his brother Claude in the Maine Music Society Chorale's bass section, and in that setting he performed pop works as well as highly difficult classical pieces.

He has garnered a reputation in the Maine music scene as a solid, first-rate musician, and throughout all of this, he has appeared on many recordings.  (Some works he appears on: "Symmetry", 1986; "Every Lonely Planet" by Papa Loves Mambo, 1992; the self-titled "Twyce Shy" release, 2012; "The In-Between Phase" and "Scott Hughes 2012" by Scott Hughes, and on the original hard rock self-titled debut album of "Long Divide".

Luc's first solo release, "Living Music," is an exploration of several of the styles he loves. Part Rock/Jazz Fusion, part Ambient/Soundtrack, it's a collection of music that can fit many of the moments in one's life, and can evoke many images and emotions, regardless of who the listener is.

He is now the drummer and co-leader/director of "portBOWIE," a band which celebrates the life and music of David Bowie, a member of the Pink Floyd tribute band "Eclipse," the Queen tribute band "Masterstroke," and the 80's Hair Metal cover band "Twyce Shy." He's also a first-call sub for several bands. 2023 saw a lot of session activity for him, and he can be heard on recordings by Holy Smoke, The False Positives, and MAS-Mutual Admiration Society.

He has taught drum set in one-on-one settings since 1992, first at Spectrum Music in Lewiston and Brunswick, Maine, then at The Music Centre in Brunswick, and at The Drum Shop in Portland, as well as in his own home.  He authored a drum method book, Beginning Drum Set Coordination, and published the first edition in 2002, with its third edition printed newly available as of January 2019. (To order a copy, please send Luc a message on the Contact Page.)  In mid-2016 he rejoined the teaching staff at The Drum Shop, currently there on Saturdays.

He’s a Maine native and resides in South Portland with his wife Jen, their dog, and 3 cats.

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"The big difficulty facing any new player of the drum set is getting

their four limbs to work together.  This book targets

that difficulty."

Available at Luc's online shop;
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